Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility


Naturegroup does its own share to reduce carbon & prevent global warming. For which we have installed Wind Mills in Tamil Nadu , Uttar Pradesh, MP,Jharkhand,Bihar, NCR& Maharashtra as to produce clean & green energy. India has huge potential to produce wind energy. We are and would continue our presence to control our usage of carbon in our own small ways.

Organic Farming

Naturegroup has group of farmers who have joined together to the cause of organic farming in various part of india. These areas are traditionally low chemical dependent area. In recent years, the farmers were finding it tough to maintain fertility of soil apart from facing an increased cost of cultivation. Amidst this, after 1996 a new concept of organic farming was introduced (although this was followed decades ago) to get harvest from natural resources. The initial years were tough and the yields were abysmally low. But gradually, with the help of improved procedures and with the guidance of technical experts, the yield has started improving.


Naturegroup has been association with animal husbandry dates back to three decades when Naturegroup established a cow breeding farm at Deshnoke in Rajasthan for various aspects of cow management and reproduction in 1970 namely as : Shree Karni Gaushala. Cows are very important port of Indian history. Cow is considered as “MOTHER” in Indian history. Core objective of the foundation is to breed, care taker for unfit, handicap, blind & unwell cow/calf.