Naturegroup is among famous family exporters of Raw Cotton from India. We have been engaged in the cotton trade since 2016& is the 3rd generation in cotton trade. Naturegroupis an leading cotton farmer, ginner ,trader and merchandiser. We conducts business in all major cotton producing areas of India thru our expertise team & HVI labs to ensure quality. We are active in all major consuming markets, often through local representative offices, partners or agents who provide services beyond just the selling of cotton. They are committed to our values of reliability and trust, and aware of the time it takes to develop them. Naturegroupis committed to the promotion of sustainable and traceable raw cotton. We work closely with partners throughout the supply chain to provide risk management solutions and a safe and secure supply of raw material.

Traditionally, cotton has been traded in India on the basis of seed varieties. Now, cotton is traded using quality parameters like staple length, micronaire, strength etc. with or without mention of varieties. With help of better seeds varieties & technologies, India has become, world’s largest producer, consumer & exporter of cotton

As the world moves forward and continues to emphasize free trade rather than trade controlled by centralized government agencies, we will assist our public and private sector partners in adjusting to changes.

Naturegroupoffers total supply chain support in the areas of exports,finance, logistics, risk management, stringent quality control and many others. Often, we save our customers money through the use of innovative financing structures and risk management plans not available through traditional banking channels.

We are exporting:

  • Raw Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Liner
  • Comber Noil