WHY Nature Group

WHY Nature Group

Strong Pedigree:

Naturegroup is part of Universal Hunt which is a diversified group into multiple service sector related online and offline businesses


With large client network of agricultural commodities buyers and suppliers, we strike best deals in terms of commodity type, quality, quantity, delivery time, transportation, payment terms, etc.

Opportunity Identification:

We identify opportunities from global agricultural commodities markets and appraise clients, acting as deal makers rather than being a conventional broker.

Geographic Presence:

Presence across supply zones of major bulk agricultural commodities allow seamless flow of information, updates and support from local ecosystem making improved pricing judgment and delivery possible.


We manage both vessel loads as well as container loads of bulk agricultural commodities. Time and Cost Advantage: With our warehousing facilities, mostly near/at the port, we get price and time advantage, making supply possible even at short notice of 24 to 48 hours.


We are low profile, strategic, swift and diligent to penetrate the market, procuring large quantities for our buyers on exclusive basis. Crisis and Risk

Crisis Management:

In many cases our relations with new buyers and suppliers have started by successfully managing their failed deals.